ITCR supports a wide range of informatics tools to serve current and emerging needs across the cancer research continuum. Short introductory videos for many of the ITCR Tools are available below. Please see the Cancer Research Issue "Focus on Computer Resources" for more ITCR videos.

Title Category URL
PDX Finder -omics
CNVnator/CNVpytor -omics
A high-level introduction to QIIME -omics, Network Biology
What is Globus? Imaging, -omics, Clinical, Data Standards, Network Biology
CaPTk Introductory Video Imaging
CIViC -omics, Clinical
The Cancer Proteome Atlas Portal (TCPA) -omics
IGV -omics
XNAT Imaging
Galaxy P multi-omics -omics
XNAT Imaging Informatics Platform Imaging
Electronic Medical Record Search Engine (EMERSE) Clinical
Methylation Integration (Mint) Clinical
WebMeV -omics
UCSC Xena -omics
Text Information Extraction System (TIES) Clinical
ShEx Data Standards
Pathology Imaging Informatics Platform (PIIP) Imaging Imaging
P-Mart -omics
LesionTracker Web Image Viewer Imaging
Next Generation Clustered Heat Maps -omics
Network Data Exchange (NDEx) Network Biology
ivyGlimpse Imaging, -omics
GenePattern -omics
3D Slicer Imaging
cTAKES Clinical
Cancer-Related Analysis of Variants Toolkit (CRAVAT) -omics
Cistrome -omics
Single Cell Genome Viewer (SCGV) -omics
Bioconductor -omics