ITCR Program Renewal Approved

The ITCR program renewal was approved by the NCI Board of Scientific Advisors (BSA) on December 4th, 2018. Dr. Juli Klemm’s presentation to the BSA is available on the NIH Videocast, starting at 4:56:45. Pre-application webinar for population-based researchers is available here.


In addition to continuing the technology development funding opportunities, several revisions were approved for the program:

  • The new Funding Opportunity Announcements will be Requests for Applications (RFAs) rather than Program Announcements.
  • A Training and Outreach Coordination Center will added to enhance adoption of tools and resources developed by the program.
  • Competitive Revision opportunities will be added to promote collaboration among ITCR tool developers and cancer researchers.


The new ITCR RFAs will be published in 2019, starting with the technology development RFAs early in year. RFAs for the new components will be published later in the year.  Please check the NIH Guide and follow @NCIDataSci on Twitter (#nciitcr) for information about release of these RFAs.

Publish Date:  Friday, January 4, 2019